What's On in the City this Weekend?

The summer is an amazing time for festivals in Victoria Park.  Victoria Park covers 18 + acres in the northeast part of downtown London and we are just minutes away!  You’re always minutes away when you live downtown.

This weekend, VP hosts the International Food Festival.  What a great chance to expose our little girl to foods from all around the world.  Of course we have to lead by example.  That may be a challenge…


3 responses to “What's On in the City this Weekend?

  1. You’ll have to let us know how it went. I heard it wasn’t very “international”.

    • Well S was sick this weekend so we didn’t get to spend a lot of time there. We did stroll through the park and checked out some of the vendors…lots of middle eastern varieties and then your usual BBQ and chip wagons. It was really busy and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

  2. Darn, we were building our deck, but wish we could have gone through too! The Greek festival was on at the Hellenic Centre on Southdale too. I have heard that this is the best Greek food ever! Mmmm…I’m hungry now!

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