This Weekend in the Heart…

Well, another exciting summer weekend is ramping up with Rock the Park in Harris Park running from July 22 – 24.  There is an exciting list of performers including Collective Soul, Alice Cooper and 3 Doors Down.  I’m not sure of our participation level at  this event since its not the most kid friendly event and we don’t have a sitter lined up.  It is a fundraising event though for Bethany’s Hope Foundation which makes for a worthwhile visit to the event.  I am expecting to benefit from our close proximity to Harris Park and catch some sound waves from the concerts!  If you are attending Rock the Park this year…have a great time and for everyone else, have a great and safe weekend!

I wanted to take a quick opportunity before the weekend begins to share with you some information on the Pride London Festival taking place this weekend.  The Pride parade is going straight down Dundas St. and begins at 1pm on Sunday, July 25th.  Come out to support this great event!


2 responses to “This Weekend in the Heart…

  1. The line up this year is terrible!!

  2. Looking forward to ‘hopefully’ seeing you and S this Sunday Kel!

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