Mmm Ribs!

What’s ooey-gooey, sweet but salty, meaty but tender and comes in all sorts of varieties? Well my friends, the answer is RIBS and you can eat them to your heart’s content this weekend at VP’s Annual Ribfest running from July 29th to August 2nd.  What better way to celebrate the Civic holiday and the summer’s second-last long weekend? 

The Annual London Ribfest is operated by the Boys’ & Girls’ Club of London  and is supported by Childcan.  It is the second largest festival of its kind in North America!  How lucky are we to have this right at our doorstep?

Here’s what you can expect at this year’s festival:

  • Ribs…go figure!
  • 100 live performances
  • Chicken wing competition
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Wagon Rides
  • Crayola Kids Play & Craft Pavilion
  • Karaoke Stage
  • Face Painting
  • 100’s of Vendors
  • Beer!

Londoner’s get to have their say too with the People’s Choice Awards.  Ribfesters can vote on who they think is the best vendor in categories like Best Ribs, Best Beverage and Best Entertainment Act.  You can get ballots at the festival in one of the two beer gardens or the festival office.  You can also watch as the judges select the Best Ribs, Best Wings and Best BBQ Sauce on Sunday at 3pm.  This is a huge deal for rib enthusiasts.

Hope to see you there!  Have a happy and safe weekend 🙂


9 responses to “Mmm Ribs!

  1. Hi Kel, great site. I went to one of these Rib Fests with Eddie about 10 years ago in London, really good weekend.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Richard! That’s so cool that you’ve been to one. So you know exactly what I’m talking about. Supposed to be the best Ribs in teh world 😉

  2. Thanks City Mom for the awesome post! I wanted to know the schedule and different events, so I checked your blog to find out! I’m going there tonight so should be fun!

  3. I was there Thursday and will have to go back this weekend for more!

  4. Not only did we enjoy it but on Sunday we went back and my better half knew the lady working the cash at out favorite booth. Our total was $46, handed her a $50 bill and she smiled and gave back two 20’s and a 10 in change.


  5. Hey City Mom — Love your blog, too! Thanks for the cool comment on the Vogels story today & so happy we’re reading each OTHER! Cheers!, Betty

    • Thanks Betty. I appreciate the comment and glad that my readers will have a direct link to you now through your comment. Looking forward to see what you have done today 🙂

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