My Husband the Superhero

He doesn’t wear a cape, he can’t fly and he doesn’t have superhuman strength, but in the eyes of my little girl, her Daddy is a superhero! The term ‘daddy’s girl’ is an understatement in reference to little S. It all begins and ends with Daddy; and for good reason. My husband is a hero…to us at least.

Their kindred relationship blossomed right from the start. I remember the first day we brought little S home from the hospital. I was having a very difficult time with breastfeeding. S wouldn’t latch and I was taking it personally. You carry a child for 9 months; scrutinize everything that goes into your body; take your prenatal vitamins; deliver your child through a gruelling labour, look your little miracle in the eye, fall in love and then you begin to breastfeed. It’s as easy and natural as that. Or is it? For most of us I don’t believe it is. I was heart-broken that everything I had envisioned was not going as planned. So there I was, devastated and crying while my child was rejecting me (or so it felt) and making it clear by using those tiny, tiny lungs to expel every bit of energy she could to muster up a scream. Naturally I pass my helpless child to my husband and she stops. A coincidence? It appears not because the two and half years that have followed have fallen in line with this same theme.

Recently, while we were at the park, little S witnessed a little girl (who was alone) crying and she asked me if the child was crying because she was missing her Daddy; not her Mommy, but her Daddy. It’s Daddy little S wants to comfort her when she is scared and who she runs to when she gets hurt. It’s Daddy who she desires to read bedtime stories and to brush her teeth. When we walk in the front door and Daddy is not home little S will smother his image in our family photo that sits on our console table with kisses when all I got when I picked her up was hug.

Though some days this hurts my ego, most days I am thankful for their special bond. And while I am not exaggerating this story, I am leaving out the love and affection I also receive from our not so little bundle of joy. Though most days little S does show a favouritism for my husband, I know she loves us both the same in her own way. I believe that the relationship a father and daughter have is a very important one. I feel that a strong, healthy relationship of this sort will help to establish standards for my daughter and create the measuring stick to which she will make her judgements and choices by. We are our children’s first role models after all. There’s no job more difficult or important.

Perhaps my husband hides his mask and cape under our bed and there is a strong  possibility that he knows where the Bat Cave really is because recently I learned something about him;  he really is a superhero…and after all these years I only just figured it out!


12 responses to “My Husband the Superhero

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, this is adorable!!!

  2. Nothing like a daddy and his little girl – although, our little L and daddy seem to just be really developing that relationship, it is amazing to see all the same. I liked this one, as I have personally witnessed your superhero in action!

    • What a nice comment I-Girl! I shall share it with my Superman 😉

      I think their bond was sped up too with the fact that she had both of us at home for the first four months! I can’t wait to see I-Boy and little L grow together.

  3. P.S. Love the “new” citymom look!

  4. Aww…so cute!!! Good for you to realize the benefits of this and not be jealous.

  5. Great post Kel. My daughter is also a daddy’s girl. She recently told me she wants to grow up to be just like him. While it hurt me a smidge to hear “I want to be a daddy, not a mommy” it also made me see how amazing the relationship between a father and daughter can be.
    And I agree with you, deeply, about the impact those relationships can have on girls as they grow up. I won’t get into too many details, but I believe some of my not so stellar life choices were made as a direct reflection of the lack of a dad relationship I had.
    phew. years of therapy to get that one out 🙂
    I am glad that little S has a great relationship with dad. It’s wonderful 🙂

    • I love your honesty is this comment. We are supposed to be saving for our children’s educations but perhaps that money would be better spent in ‘therpay’ fund for the unintentional mess ups we become guilty of.

      I love that your little L and your husband have had the chance to build such a special bond as well. Its hard to swallow sometimes when you’re not the favourite but as we seem to agree, this is all a good thing.

  6. Wow, what great comments here! As I have mentioned before, I don’t have kids yet, but I feel like I can be prepared when this inevitable time comes. I have heard that a lot, that at different ages and stages children show favouritism towards one of the parents. I wonder ‘City Mom’, have you asked our parents what we were like as kids at that age? I wonder if you have a favouritism to our dad at that age as well? Interesting 🙂 Great post again!

    • That’s a good idea Lindsay. I shall investigate. Should I start charging you for the Parental Preperation classes? City Mom is free but perhaps I should create a subscription fee! 😉

  7. Kel, if you charge a fee, throw in S’s little therapy fund 😉 she can thank me one day LOL

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