London Votes 2010: Part I

We have a job to do London: on Monday October 25th, 2010 we will determine who will serve as the city’s Mayor for the next four years.  The election includes that opportunity to choose the City Council and School Board Trustees at the same time.  Are you going to exercise your right to vote? Are you going to contribute to the state of our city?  Statistics show that very few of us have actually cast our votes in the past electoral races.  Why is that?  Most people jump at the opportunity to complain when there is something they don’t like, and I bet they are  the same people who don’t make it out to the polls.  Is this because we are not informed, we feel our lone vote won’t make a difference or because we don’t know whom of the candidates to choose?  I am unsure of the answer so I decided to do some research to make it a little easier.

Firstly I learned that Elections London is making it easier than ever for Londoners to have their say.  Check out the election website for voting information which provides a number of advance voting dates and other voting mediums including accessible voting for people with disabilities. One really can’t say they didn’t get a chance to vote this time around.

Secondly, I found there to be a large number of mayoral candidates (14 in total) running this year which I thought might be overwhelming for voters, but my ‘sources’ tell me that the two front-runners for mayor are Anne Marie DeCicco-Best (London’s current mayor) and mayoral candidate Joe Fontana.  So that narrows it down a bit, not that you have to choose from the two front-runners but this helps to know which campaign platforms are generating the most interest.  So how do you gather information on these two candidates?  A good place to start is their respective campaign sites: Vote DeCicco-Best and Joe Fontana for Mayor.  These sites provide a good summary of the candidate’s campaign platforms, but what about the more specific questions you have as they pertain to you and your family?  Joe Fontana encourages Londoners to stop by his campaign office at 100 Wellington Road.  Mayor DeCicco-Best is interacting with Londoners on Twitter and Facebook answering their questions and responding to comments (both candidates can be found on Twitter: @LondonsMayor and @FontanaforMayor), and both candidates are out on the streets campaigning which started-up on September 7th.  Information in regards to their public appearances can be found on their campaign sites so you will know when and where to find them if you want to.

Thirdly and lastly, I have done some of the research for you.  I had an opportunity to sit down with both candidates to ask them a number of questions concerning their 2010 campaigns as they relate to City Mom and its readers.  I have gathered a lot of good information that I think we will all find very useful in helping us make our decision.  There’s a lot of text to present so I will break it down into two separate posts that will come consecutively over the next two weeks.  Please stay tuned for London Votes Part II coming early next week.  Until then I welcome your thoughts and comments on the upcoming election.  Are you planning to vote?  What are your concerns or issues?  Will you vote on Election Day or take advantage of one of the advance voting days?  If you’re not from London, do you have an upcoming election in your city? Did you take part in the last election your city held?


4 responses to “London Votes 2010: Part I

  1. Hard to believe we are approaching election time already!

    And welcome to TMC!! So glad you joined us!

  2. Hi City Mom!

    To answer some of your questions, I am definitely going to vote in this coming election! I may use the advance poll options that are now available to us if I get organized enough in advance to figure out how to do so!

    I haven’t made up my mind yet though on which candidate I will be voting for. I feel like Anne Marie has done a good job with our City so far. Her decision for the JLC downtown has proven to be a great one. Downtown has never been as revitalized in my opinion and changing a city takes time, so I think we are just at the beginning of seeing how much that decision has actually done for London. However, I know I have heard that our taxes in this City are extremely high compared to other Canadian cities. I can’t say I have looked into the validity of this myself yet, so I would be interested to find out if that is true. If so, then I agree that something should be done about that, and in that case, Joe Fontana’s platform speaks loudly. No tax increase for 4 years? It is reminiscent of Dalton McGuinty’s “No Tax hike” platform and what did we see the very next year? A health “premium”. So, I find it hard to believe that Joe Fontana could suddenly come in and be able to make such a drastic change. I feel like inevitably, there will be cuts somewhere that they City will absorb. So I am leaning towards Anne-Marie, but I am looking forward to reading your interviews to help get a better understanding of each candidate’s platform!

    • Thanks for such a detailed response!
      You will be happy to hear that some of your concerns mentioned are specifically addressed in my interviews. I too am still undecided…still more research to do! 🙂

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