Top 5 Uses for Empty Milk Bags

In honour of Waste Reduction Week in Canada, Tuesday’s Waste Reduction tip is credited to City Mom’s Mom, for my Mother was following the three R’s long before they became commonplace.  Some may have called it frugal but I see it as just good ‘Mom Sense’; why buy something you already have?

So, for those of you who buy bagged milk; don’t trash those individual milk bags when you’re done the milk.  I’m not suggesting you put the empty container back in the fridge…who does that?  I am conveying that after you have finished a pitcher of milk simply cut across the top seam of the bag, wash in hot, soapy water and set it out to dry.

Here are the top five uses one could find for these bags:

  1.  Sandwich bags for you children’s lunches (ask them to bring back home to follow the litter-less lunch rule)
  2. Toiletrie travel bags (no one likes their Shampoo leaking on their clothes)
  3. Storage bags for small items (think nuts & bolts haphazardly scattered at the bottom of your toolbox)
  4. Recipe card holder (You can read the recipe through the clear plastic and this will protect the card from getting soiled from your ingredients.)
  5. An alternative to plastic wrap for appropriate sized leftovers (a block of cheese comes to mind)

You get the idea.

Don’t forget to enter the WRW contest:

Photo courtesy of  Photographed by: healingdream.


2 responses to “Top 5 Uses for Empty Milk Bags

  1. Awesome! Love the ideas 🙂 Also, I don’t know if you’re up for it, but there are many groups that collect the outter plastic milk bag that holds the 3 separate bags of milk. They make sleeping mats for children in Africa out of these bags. I know some people that are part of the group that makes the mats. Also, Kyle’s work collects them, so if you want to start collecting those outter white milk bags, you can give them to us and Kyle will get them in the right hands 🙂

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