Guest Post: Lossie and Lara

Last week I authored my first guest post on a blog called Lossie and Lara.  This blog is written by two sisters who write about being Gen-Y in the workforce.   They have a very unique format to their blog which is what attracted me to their site in the first place.  I wanted to return the opportunity so I invited them to be guest contributors.  This is another first for City Mom.

We are an unusual pairing.  At first look our two blogs couldn’t be any different.  But at the root we do have some things that link us together; we are women in the workforce and we each have a sister (in my case, I have two) whom we adore today.

Lossie and Lara give us a humorous and interesting insight on growing up together and learning to appreciate each other, against all odds. 

Sibling Rivalry

Lara:  We’ve alluded to this story on our own site, but until now, we’ve never shared it with the Internet.

Lossie:  It was a dark, dark day… I get chills just thinking about it.

Lara:  I don’t know how old we were, but I couldn’t have been older than nine or ten. You must have been six or seven.

Lossie:  I was at least old enough to acknowledge the lack of logic in this argument, but young enough to still lose the fight in the end.

Lara:  I’m not sure what prompted it – maybe I was learning about civics in school?  But I decided that what you had done was very serious, and you needed to be judged by a jury of your peers.

Lossie:  Chances are it all started when I breathed on you, or I was singing along to songs in the car.  Both were common arguments that we would share back in the day.  But looking back on it, creating a jury was ingenious.  How could I argue with that at the time?

Lara:  A jury made up of my stuffed animals.

Lossie:  I just remember saying over and over, “It’s not fair! They’re YOUR stuffed animals! Of course they’ll agree with you!” Again, the logic was somewhat there, but not 100 percent in my case.

Lara:  We really disliked each other from the beginning.  I would even passively smack Mom as I walked by her for months after you were born.  We knew early on how to push each other’s buttons.

Lossie:  That continued for a few years, well not the smacking part, rather, the deep sense of anger with each other. It really wasn’t until you went to college that we really got along.  We just needed space I guess, ha-ha.

Lara:  We had some good collaborative moments growing up.  Remember when we’d tape over cassettes with imaginary news reports and made-up musicals?

Lossie:  Those are still my favourite memories.  We would figure out what skits to create and what we would talk about.  It was truly us being equally creative together.

Lara:  But even though we had our moments of being well-behaved and moderately loving, it took us a while to grow out of really disliking each other.

Lossie:  I think it was partly because we had to accept that we are very different people; we have different ways of just being.  In the end, we had to focus on how those traits complimented each other rather than how they were different.

Once we were really able to accept the fact that our differences were strengths it became clear that we were a very powerful pair of women.

We have different experiences and similar ways of dealing with people.  And after a few years of realizing these strengths, it became clear that a new business venture could actually be very effective.

We talked on the phone one night about how we could collaborate. We were eager to find something for us to be creative together on.  It spawned a blog and maybe in the future an even bigger business venture.

Our parents can now rest assured that they reared two well-behaved young women who really do get along. Though we spent the first part of our lives vehemently disliking each other (and probably driving our parents crazy) we just needed to grow into adults to learn to like each other. 

So don’t worry even if it seems like your children will never get along, we promise it will all work out.

And In case you’re wondering, Raggedy Ann (the judge) sentenced Lossie to probation. They’ve had a tenuous relationship ever since. Rest assured, Lara got what was coming to her:  Lossie’s jury of Barbie dolls evened the score by leaving their decapitated heads under her pillow.


7 responses to “Guest Post: Lossie and Lara

  1. This is so true! Me and my sister used to fight all the time. Fists were thrown, names were called, threatening to stuff her in the goodwill box and ship her to new family…sigh fond memories. But today though, we are the bestest of friends. It’s really weird what a little maturity can do for people’s relationships.

    • You’re hilarious Kimberly…I love the goodwill box threat! And I can totally relate. Maturity is the key, you are right. Imagine if our coworkers and friends knew us when we were five?

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  3. hahaha WOW! Did they read our minds Kel? lol It’s comforting to know that everyone goes through it and it’s normal! haha I was laughing reading this! Good memories, even though at the time we probably really disliked each other, LOL.

  4. My brother totally sold me canadian quarters for $1 each because their “rarity made them extra valuable”. I hope he invested those dollars wisely and will buy me a boat for christmas :-0

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