Are Those Real?

Have you ever found yourself in one of those uncomfortable situations where you were presented with a perfectly shaped, full-bodied but natural-looking display of beauty and you wanted to ask if what you were seeing was real or fake?

Get your mind out of the gutter…I’m talking about Christmas trees!

Now that we live in our downtown condo, we are no longer able to have a real Christmas tree. It’s too bad because we are huge fans of the real deal. But a fire code is a fire code and I will be the first to admit that those darn needles are so frustrating to clean up. So to comply with the rules my husband and I headed to Canadian Tire in search of the perfect artificial tree.

Oh Christmas Tree

Are you aware that there’s no such thing as a simple fake Christmas tree? We sure weren’t. We spent a good hour searching through the different varieties of trees that exist. There are self-shaping trees, pre-lit trees, fibre optic trees and don’t even get me started on tip count. There are trees with imitation snow, colour-changing lights and even some with remote controls. How can one take a decision like this lightly?

Overwhelmed yet? We sure were. We were completely unprepared. We should have studied before a purchase like this and had a clear plan in place before entering the store.

And the Winner Is

So finally, after comparing all of the possible options we made our decision. We then changed our minds and chose a different tree, then we went back to our original decision. In the end, we chose a 6.5’, Pre-Lit, Self Shaping Pine tree. And oh how beautiful it is…

 How about you…do you have fake or real?


24 responses to “Are Those Real?

  1. hehe Clever post 🙂 I have fake! We like real ones too, but we got our fake ones on sale! It was just easier at first and I figure, once we have kids, we’ll start the tradition of real trees. I have to say though, I LOVE the fake white trees! We bought green and it looks pretty realistic, but I wouldn’t mind having a chic white tree as well 🙂 Yours looks great too…very realistic!

    • Oh I’d love a white tree too! Maybe next year I will purchase one. What colour scheme would you use for decorations on a white tree? Classic green and red or something funky like silver and gold?

  2. HAHAAHHA!! You are hilarious girl! The story of our Christmas tree is pretty funny. We drove from Windsor to London one afternoon because the trees in Windsor sucked. We ended up finding our tree at the Bay. Yes, it’s fake but it’s a great investment. I love having a real tree but it’s a pain to take care of. Plus, I love the environment and hate killing trees….I’m a hippie at heart. LOL.

  3. I hadn’t had a real one in my own home until Paul. The first two years we purchased from a local church parking lot. This year we went to a Christmas tree lot (there are tonnes in BC) and we sawed down our own. The smell is awesome! Although–as I typed this it almost fell down and I had to run over and tighten the screws. Still worth it!

    • Oh no Erin! Those can be tricky…and you have to manage watering it everyday too right? Can you send some pics of it?
      I haven’t been to a cut-your-own since I was a kid! That’s awesome! 🙂
      I hope you two have a good Christmas!

  4. Absolutely fabulous opener – I totally went somewhere else 🙂

  5. Fake all the way. I grew up with fake and so will my kids. I love them because they are so much easier! I don’t even care if that just makes me lazy. And if it’s pine scent we want there’s always candles, though I’m not particularly fond of the smell anyway. I like your pretty new tree. Well chosen.

  6. Haha, love the opening:)
    It’s the real deal for us. Can’t beat the smell of a real Christmas tree!

    • I completely agree with you on the smell of the Christmas tree. You can’t beat it.

      I forgot to mention in my post that we’ve got a Fresh Balsm scent candle & Wallflower oil from Bath & Body Works. I would suggest this to everyone, including those with real trees because it’s just so good. When you walk in the door after being out you get a rush of that Christmas feeling! Wonderful!

  7. We got a new fake tree this year, and it is awesome! Tall and skinny, important since we have a fairly small house. I will blog about it sometime soon, because I am in love with our new tree. I want to make out with our new tree. We were able to put up the tree without rearranging the entire house. HOORAY FOR MY NEW TREE.

    Oh, and we go for the fake because my husband and kids have allergies.

    • You’re hilarious Nicole!
      Another good point – clearly I missed much in my post. I am allergic to them too. If I get pricked by one of the needles I get swollen and red in that area and it itchces and stings. Bonus! I am loving my new tree more and more!

      Oh, and I’m looking forward to reading your tree post.

  8. I’ve had my fake tree for a while now. I like it. I think it’s easier than real ones and cheaper too!

  9. I can’t believe you’re not allowed a real tree – I’ve never heard anything like that before! Do they also limit the wood furniture you’re allowed?!

    Anyway onto the topic of trees – we have a hiddeous fake tree – last year we were in a tiny flat and weren’t going to be there at Christmas either so we went for a fake tree for the first time. I couldn’t imagine Christmas without a tree so just got a cheap one. It’s kind of wonky and it looks really fake but by the time it’s covered in decorations it still looks like a Christmas tree.

    I love the tree you got, I had no idea you could get one that looked so real. Maybe it’s worth getting one so I don’t have to clean up the pine needles. We also have kittens this year so it could be all sorts of fun.

    Have a lovely December.

  10. What a great lead to an article. You had me going.
    When our kids were young, we always went and cut our own trees. As they got older we started buying cut trees and now we have the dreaded fake tree. Looks great. No watering and no needles on the carpet.

    I miss the real tress though.

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I miss the real tree too…but I found a way around it. I recently bought a “real” holiday arrangement from The Great Canadian Superstore that has real sprigs of cedar trees, pine cones etc. That adds enough of the real deal to satisfy me this year!

  11. Fake for me as well! As of this year my brother inlaw even has a Christmas Tree Farm (with Real Reindeer) and I still have a fake! Although a real one would be nice, I own a fake so I just don’t bother going to cut one down!

    • Real reindeer? Where is this? I know little S would love to see a real one!
      I’d be torn too if I were you. Why go to the trouble if you already have a perfectly good tree? I bet you’d get a discount though!

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