Faking Your Holiday Baking

Christmas shopping, gift wrapping and tree decorating; these are all a must for the holiday season, but what about Christmas baking?  Who has the time on top of all this to make dozens of happy-looking gingerbread men and jolly old shortbread snowmen? 

Personally, as much as I love to bake, it moves to the bottom of my list during the holidays.  So today I am sharing my cheat notes with you because I assume you’re in the same boat. If you’re like me, you put a small amount of pressure on yourself to produce something that can be classified as Christmas baking.

Photo from presidentschoice.ca

Enter President’s Choice Shortbread Cookie Mix.  I picked up a box at my local grocery store and whipped up a batch of cookies in no time.  All you need to have on hand is a cup and a quarter of unsalted butter.  Mix the two together and voila…a batch of shortbread cookies.

I made mine following the package directions but you could easily roll out the dough and cut with Christmas-shaped cookies cutters.  Either way, the result is a light, flaky shortbread cookie.  They aren’t the most buttery tasting but definitely on the nice, light side.

I picked up a box on sale for $3 but they usually retail for $3.99.  Also look for the Gingerbread Cookie Mix.


16 responses to “Faking Your Holiday Baking

  1. OooOOO…nom nom nom!
    I saw these at the store and wondered how they would turn out. I will admit, I fake the baking too over the holidays. If pillsbury makes it…I’ll bake it. LOL!!

  2. hehe, me too…I love those cookies that you just place on the baking sheet with the different designs on them for each holiday…they are yummy and so easy! Thanks for the tips…I will try those PC baking mixes! I love PC 🙂

    • I love PC too. I was at the grocery store this morning actually noticed a whole bunch more. They have cinammon bun mix, brownies, butter tarts etc. I must try them all…for my readers…not for me 😉

  3. I usually do my cookie baking the night before Christmas (cookies are what I give everyone for Christmas presents). I have a baby this year though so I’ll probably bake all the cookies through out the day as I have the time.

  4. They look delicious 🙂

  5. Bring some to me! Oh and a bottle of white 🙂

  6. Way easier than the shortbread I usually make – no whipping butter for 10 minutes! Another good ‘fake’ for the holidays: I buy the PC cheesecake, and two Skor bars, plate the cheesecake on top of some chocolate syrup and crumble the Skor on top – looks homemade! Takes 5 minutes!

  7. These look delish!

    No faking here at all…you mixed, you put into a pan and an oven was even involved. I’d say that’s the real deal and you should wipe the “sweat” off your brows and let your guests know what an overachiever you are!

    • You know what, I like your style. You are so right! I also softened the butter…that counts too doesn’t it?

      I guess I have it in my little overthinking head of mine, that unless you make it from scratch it’s faking it!

  8. Hee hee. I was just thinking last night as I was baking “Man, I can’t wait for the holidays to be over.” Just because I am soooo tired of baking. I love it, I just feel so pressured for some reason this year.

    I actually love the holidays and don’t want them to be over. Just the stress of baking. BUT I guess that’s all on me, right? Alrighty then. I’m done for the year! YES! 🙂

    • So you are like me too…the pressure!!
      I love the holidays too, and you’re right, everything I do that is ‘too much’ is all my own doing. I like to produce lots of stuff over the holidays!

      I’d say I was done too, but I’d be lying…to myself mostly! 🙂

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