Did You Know…

  • That we (as a family) spend more time outdoors since we became Urbanites than we did when we lived in the suburbs (with a front and backyard)!
  • That we fill up our gas tank roughly once a month now opposed to once a week before we moved.  That’s a savings of approx $150/mth not to mention the savings on our Carbon Footprint
  • Calculate your footprint at: http://calc.zerofootprint.net/calculators)
  • That we save $380/mth on parking costs?

5 responses to “Did You Know…

  1. Love it! I know many people would be surprised, but I am not. I can tell that I would be the same way. Knowing that there are always festivals going on, trendy restaurants, and downtown activities, I know that I too would be outside a lot more. Since I moved to working downtown, and living in Wortley Village, I walk to and from work, through the parks and by the river everyday now! It’s awesome. Much better than my old drive out to the outskirts of the city!

    I notice that living/working downtown inspires you to be outside more and be more active. You always see people commuting to work by walking, riding a bike, rollerblading, etc. All of which I now do too!

  2. Since moving even just from Lambeth to downtown I’ve saved oodles of dough on gas. FOUR cheers for an eco-life!


  3. I actually grew up in St. Thomas (a small town just south of here), but had been living in Lambeth for the past five years. I’m typically a wide-open-spaces kinda girl, but I LOVE my new place downtown… discovering there are still plenty of amazing places to get some fresh air. Forest City is pullin’ through for this girl!

    Did you grow up in Lambeth? I often thought about if it would be a good place to grow up – there’s great parks and lots of places to play, but I found that there weren’t many kids boppin’ around the area.

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